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How to Switch USER ACCOUNT in WordPress

How to Quickly Switch Between User Accounts In WordPress

Do you want to switch between user accounts immediately in WordPress? Remember the time-consuming logging in and logging out multiple times while testing some...
5 Best WordPress Plugin For User Registration And Custom Login

5 Best WordPress Plugin For User Registration And Custom Login

Authentication has been an important aspect looking at the increased intervention into accounts and various forms of cyber attacks. In many situations, people save...
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Adding External Link Indicator With CSS – Wikipedia link icons

The external link displays an icon at the end of the text link. We can also easily do this in our WordPress website, in which...

How to Manage WordPress Cookies Like a Pro

Cookies are tools that are used to save temporary information on the user's browser and then, later on, use it to enhance the user...
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Importance of SEO For Your Website – Five Factors for Expansion

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has now played a pivotal role in the promotion of brands and businesses these days. With increasing users of the...

How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Website – Tips & Tricks

Choosing the right domain name is important for the success of your website. If you select to the wrong domain name, then it would be...
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5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins – Backup WordPress Site Easily

Backups are an important activity of every website/Blog or software. Creating a copy of the database and website can help recover data in case...
The Blog Stepping Stones

How To Create A Blog With WordPress – The Stepping Stones

Blogs have been a wonderful module on the internet. Based on a variety of ideas, blogs are a medium to express views, provide information,...
SEO Tips and Tricks

How To Boost Website With SEO Tips and Tricks – Simple Step

Starting a new business venture? Or already have one? Well, then definitely you would be expecting more customers visiting your website!  When Google features...

How to Change http To https your website – Free SSL Certificate setup

HTTPS is used for secured communication. This has been a revolution in the world of internet and is used to protect the websites from stealing...
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