Importance of SEO For Your Website – Five Factors for Expansion

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has now played a pivotal role in the promotion of brands and businesses these days. With increasing users of the internet, SEO has a wide potential of attracting consumers and to use Ranking on the search engine page is now of greater importance. SEO refers to the ranking of the website in higher order of search engine so that one can well promote their brands and products. It is also helpful to provide the best user awareness and experience and to lure customers. Many search engines all around the world categorize websites based on user experience, information, and credibility Let’s understand 5 ways how SEO benefits businesses.

SEO Importance For Website or Blog – 5 Factors for Business Expansion

  1. ENHANCED VISIBILITY                                                                                          As per a study, 60% of clicks go to top 5 suggestions that means only 40% of clicks are left for the second out of millions of results shown. So the sure shot way to gain hundreds of visitors is to be on the top spot of Google search engine or any other popular search engines. A page with proper SEO tactics can perform well and get a top index which will increase the audience base. People searching for information click the first indexed websites and by this one can get good traffic for their website.

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SEO is not all about manipulating search engine, a good SEO technique improves the user experience of the website For example if two portals are selling same products or services; the search engine optimized website is likely to gain more traffic which in turn increases potential sales. If your product or business is very dedicated to providing good user experience, you must work on SEO to make it convenient for consumers to get their desired service and you, profits and traffic. SEO can act as a medium for promotion and acquiring loyal consumers. It also serves the purpose of product awareness and spreading the word worldwide.Better user experience will also help to get loyal customers.


SEO is well useful for social media promotion. The social media handles will be indexed at higher positions and this will increase consumer base. With a lot of people of different age groups using social media, the suitable products get the eye of the users and they can share the posts to other friends that would increase visibility and also increase sales and acquire loyal consumers.


As organic listings are generally free SEO is considered as a low-cost investment. One of the benefits of SEO is when you are listed on top of the page, in pay per click concept one does not have to pay for the top index. In only a pay per click, the business will have less investment and more scope to index itself.


This is a major benefit of SEO, the conversion rate cannot be matched by any other form of marketing SEO is the need of the hour, it’s the best way to optimize a website, subsequently bringing more traffic, which is quite essential.

Hopefully you might have liked the article and would be helpful in dropping your website or blog freely in Google’s Any Search Engine.

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