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Broken links are dead-links which are bad for web index and furthermore for your readers. Let’s discover some free 404 connection checker tools which will help you to recognize 404 and dead links on your blog. Broken links are those links which give 404 status code. For the most part, when a website admin chooses to change permalink and furthermore evacuates the page it gives 404 status code. Such links are called as broken links and they are not valuable for internet searcher.

Why We Must Constantly Check And Fix 404 Links

Excessively numerous broken links are not regarded as the indication of a good site, so we should try to fix such links and guide them toward right URL. These free online connection checker tools will check your locales for any broken links. These methods, it could be the interior broken connection or could be outside broken links. Particularly, on the off chance that you have a tremendous blog, your old posts may have excessively numerous dead links, by including working and refreshed URL’s, you will make them worth a read.

Search engines abhor broken links, which can bring about low positions in web indexes and less activity to your blog. From a web index viewpoint, Broken links are dealt with as the deadlock. For WordPress bloggers, we have Broken links checker WordPress plugin, which is extremely helpful and compelling. However, for static pages and for Blogs, we don’t have any such plugin, so we will investigate some online arrangements.

In the event that users are arriving on broken links of your web journals, there are chances that they won’t return back to your website. Nobody has sufficient energy to dawdle on broken links. You can discover broken links with heaps of free webpage checker tools accessible on the web. When you recognized broken links of your blog, you can deal with those broken links with redirection plugin.

Top Five Useful Broken Links Checker Websites


SEMRUSH is a total suite for finding broken links on your site (Internal + External). It demonstrates the broken links with HTTP code and when the broken connection was found.

W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker ImageW3C Link Checker gives you choices while checking broken links of your blog, for example, indicate just outline, stow away diverts, checking linked archives, sending referrer header and so forth. It comes about, it gives the status of the connection and records the issues happened while checking broken links.

Ahrefs Broken Connection Checking

Ahrefs Landing Broken Link CheckerAhrefs is a well known SEO toolbox simply like SEMRUSH. What you will extremely like about them is the interface and the effortlessness of utilization. On the off chance that you have to trade broken connection information to impart it to your designer or somebody from group, you can do that by sending out component. Register now and get 7$ for the free trial.

Broken connection checker for WordPress

If you run a blog or a website on WordPress then this will be more for you. In the plugin section of WordPress, you will find it for free. Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that scans your total WordPress site. From the plugin’s dashboard, you can redirect all links that are broken, or if there is any kind of other errors. This is extraordinary compared to other free things accessible for bloggers.

Check my links Chrome addon

Check My Links Chrome Extension ImageUsing Check my links chrome addon, you can rapidly examine mass links on a website page to discover which links are broken or not working. In the event that your necessity is to discover broken links on a single site page, this addon will be your guide.

One can use the site Checker tool according to their need and convenience.

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