5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins – Backup WordPress Site Easily

Backups are an important activity of every website/Blog or software. Creating a copy of the database and website can help recover data in case of emergencies or loss of data. Moreover, these come into hand on at many places which includes getting locked out in profile or changing your hosting services. WordPress sites are lightweight and are very decorative. However, backing up WP sites is easy and convenient by some plugins that are available in WP. Some of them are free and some are paid on basis of the number of backups they can store. Let’s go through 5 best backup plugins for WordPress.

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. BackupBuddy

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Backup WordPress Site Easily

BackupBuddy is the most popular premium WordPress backup plugin. It allows you to easily schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups. These services are open to a variety of websites and these are available at a one time cost. BackupBuddy can be used to store your data in multiple cloud-based platforms of Amazon, Google, Dropbox etc. Moreover, you can migrate your website easily from one host to another using this simple plugin.

2. UpdraftPlus

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Backup WordPress Site Easily

Updraft Plus is a wonderful plugin which can be used for backup. It is free of cost and it supports both demands on basis of scheduled time or instant backup. Updraft comes with a host of features like selecting files to backup, selecting platforms for backup, let it be the cloud or on your own system. Updraft also provides premium backup services where you can get a variety of options like cloning sites, searching a database and replacing etc. Both free and Premium plugins are worth the hype.

3. BackWPUp

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Backup WordPress Site Easily

BackWPUp is another free plugin that is an amazing backup plugin in the WP ecosystem. It helps in creating a backup and store it in Rackspace, Dropbox, FTP, email or on the system. The user interface is very simple for users and it can help you to schedule automatic backups for safety in accordance with a frequency of update. The Pro version is a paid one with support and also extends the platforms of storage and a host of wonderful features.

4. BackUpWordPress

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Backup WordPress Site Easily

BackupWordPress is a complete WordPress backup plugin with automatic scheduling support. It allows you to create different schedules for your database and files.The backups can be only saved in a system and not in cloud modules in a free version. This facility is extended in a paid version of the plugin.

5. Duplicator

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Backup WordPress Site Easily

Duplicator is a simple backup plugin which does all backup operations without any additional features. It has a simple interface and is free. The Plugin helps in generating a backup of a website and save it to a system for reference. However, this is devoid of features like storing in the cloud, automatic backup and creating clone websites.

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  1. UpdraftPlus all time best backup plugin for me.
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    I will suggest you one thing .If you make full article of how to create backup then sure many of bloggers will learn out of it.

  2. Great Article Rajesh!

    I would say it a must read blog post for blogging buddies who are looking to transfer the website or just want to keep their content safe for any emergency.


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