WordPress E-commerce Platform – Top Plugins That Matter

Internet, the developer of this modern era provides us a lot of conveniences. But as we know every coin has two sides, the other side’s shows internet as one of the most vulnerable things. And if the work is related to business purposes one can’t deny its importance.

The Power of WordPress

WordPress, the open source and free of cost platform, now has a family of 60 million websites owning a significant share in the content management category. But with popularity comes the risks especially when the increased popularity has attracted hackers too with the aim to attack to infiltrate WordPress. We will also go through some basic plugins that one requires for setting up of an e-commerce site.

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Is WordPress the right choice?

WordPress always get regular updates and this platform has always been concerned regarding keeping the websites secure. This platform works on threats and tries to make its themes and the platform highly secured.The plugins and the themes it comes with are also secure and require only regular maintenance.WordPress is not just made with the purpose for small online stores but is best for even large online stores with adequate information and budget.WordPress leads the race with its competitors with an ability to decorate the site as you want to.From small business to larger corporations, all use WordPress which increases the demand for security measures such as plugins.

One of the best things about WordPress is its functionality that can be tremendously extended by the use of PLUGINS which also strengthens your security.All you need to do is to install and configure and the plugins will monitor and the prevent the brute force attack on your website.With a greater number of free and premium plugins, the security of your core WordPress installation shall never be at stake.

In the path of showing how safe is the WordPress when it comes to security, exclusive of the type of your website, firstly comes the password that needs to be complex and with the use of a plugin you can even force your registered users to use complex passwords.then comes the SSL certificates or HTTPS that ensures that data transfer is encrypted and secure which only can be obtained based on the security measures you use.The payment purposes of WordPress based websites along with the dedicated solutions are all done with PayPal as the payment gateway.

WordPress websites are evolved with themes, administrators, users and the special plugins that enhance the security of the website.

 Important E-commerce Plugins

Let’s look at some of the popular e-commerce solutions that you can use along with WordPress for a secure environment-

E-commerce WordPress Plugin – WOOCOMMERCE

WOOCOMMERCE is a free WP Plugin that helps in setting up of E-commerce window in a theme. This can be applied to any E-commerce theme and it helps in maintaining records and calculating taxes according to recent taxation schemes and it thus reduces hassles of maintaining records, managing orders, and other e-commerce functions.

Sell Online – Easy Digital Downloads

If you want to create an online store to just sell digital items like videos, music and all then Easy Digital Download is the best of the plugin for uploading content media for products, blogs etc in an e-commerce site.

Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin – DOKAN

Going further down the line we have Dokan, the plugin developed by weDEVS that can be used to create the marketplace where sellers can sign up to sell their products.Being the advanced version of WooCommerce, Dokan meets all the security criteria with Woo Commerce plug-in.

WORDPRESS can promise it’s users 100% security, it surely boasts to be the most secure platform with continuous updates and plug-ins along with the themes.So you can easily create an e-commerce site and start expanding.

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