How To Boost Website With SEO Tips and Tricks – Simple Step

Starting a new business venture? Or already have one? Well, then definitely you would be expecting more customers visiting your website!  When Google features your company in its search list, it definitely means you are well ahead of your rivals. It’s SEO that augments your chances, even more, to outsmart the competitors by letting you adapt some crafty and efficient strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation – The Key To Succeed

Search Engine Optimization can be referred as the tactics of using tools and techniques in order to make websites more visible and index them to a higher position in a search engine. This makes the brand presence even stringer on the internet. There are many techniques you can adapt, some important and efficient ones are mentioned below.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Let’s start!


Keyword grouping refers to the use of optimal keywords in your website content in order to make it SEO friendly. There are many tools available that can give a rough idea about the usage of keywords in blogs or website. One of the biggest sources of KeyWords is Google Key Words. This service is based on Google search results and it displays the trending content in its search engine. Use the tools like ‘SEO ranking keyword grouper’ or ‘wordstream keyword grouper’ to speed up the process of keyword grouping, in addition to maintaining quality and efficiency.


This technique keeps you notified of any change made on the page you are optimizing. A must-do thing for large marketing teams-the page change monitoring lets you make necessary adjustments before your ranks are affected or you are penalized by Google, due to the changes made. Remember, even the tiniest change on the page, it goes unnoticed, can have serious consequences. Look out for tools such as ‘’ and ‘VisualPing’.


Keep an eye on the competitor’s marketing activities, and make sure you are a step ahead of them. This will help you sustain smart in the competitive landscape.

Tools such as ‘SpyFu’, BuzzSumo’,’SEMrush’ will serve your purpose.


How can you not include omnipresent mobile-phones in the process of optimization? The Google Search Console can help check mobile rankings and compare them with desktop rankings. If a page is ranking significantly lower in mobile,  work on the factors that need to be more mobile friendlier.


Search Engine results of a business can also be optimized by its presence at multiple platforms. These platforms can be social media sites, blog-based sites or can be simply advertisements and Pay per click Ads on video streaming and television platforms on the internet.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • YouTube    So how do you see how important it is to be well versed in SEO?  It’s a new dynamic marketing field that is evolving. In order to get the best and accurate results, search engines keep changing their algorithms and it’s the charm when the SEO job is done according to the proper algorithm which can maximize the efforts. Thus, keep in mind the techniques discussed, be updated with the current searching trends and algorithm, and you are ready to boom! Good luck fellas!! 

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