Child Tax Credit 2023 – Monthly Payment Schedule and the Stimulus Bill

Child Tax Credit 2023: For many years, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) has served as an essential source of financial assistance for families in the US. However, the CTC program has undergone substantial revisions since the Stimulus Bill’s passage in 2023, including the addition of monthly payments. You will receive a thorough explanation of the Child Tax Credit 2023 monthly payment schedule and its effects on American families in this post.

The Child Tax Credit is a tax benefit that provides financial assistance to eligible families with children. The credit has historically been claimed on an annual basis when taxpayers file their federal income tax returns. However, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 made temporary changes to the CTC, allowing monthly advance payments for the 2021 tax year. These changes were extended through 2022 by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021.

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Stimulus Bill 2023 and the Child Tax Credit:

The stimulus bill passed in 2023 further expands and modifies the child tax credit program. Here are the major changes:

Monthly Payments: The most significant change is the continuation of monthly child tax credit payments until 2023. This means eligible households will receive a portion of their CTC as a monthly payment rather than waiting until they file their tax returns.

The maximum child tax credit has risen from $3,000 to $3,600 for each kid under the age of six and from $2,000 to $3,000 for each child between the ages of six and seventeen.

Eligibility changes: The income threshold for eligibility has been adjusted, allowing more families to qualify for the credit. The full credit is available to single filers with income up to $75,000 and joint filers with income up to $150,000.

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Child Tax Credit Date 2023


Child Tax Credit 2023


To give children with dependent children financial assistance.


$2000 per child

Launched by

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Launching Country

United State (USA)

CTC Date

October 30, 2023


Child Tax Credit 2023 Monthly Payment Schedule:

The child tax credit will be paid in installments starting in July 2023 and running through December 2023. Half of the entire 2023 CTC will be paid to eligible families as monthly payments, with the other half being claimed when they file their 2023 tax returns in 2024. The following is a typical payment schedule:

July 2023
August 2023
September 2023
October 2023
November 2023
December 2023

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It is important to note that the payment amount will vary depending on the number of eligible children and their age. The IRS will determine eligibility and payment amounts based on your 2022 tax return information.

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Conclusion: The Child Tax Credit 2023 monthly payment schedule, as outlined in the stimulus bill, provides critical financial assistance to families across the United States. These monthly payments provide immediate relief, helping families cover expenses related to child care, education, and more. It is important for eligible families to be aware of changes to the CTC program and the schedule of these payments to ensure they receive the financial assistance they need to support their children.

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