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SEO of a website depends upon a variety of factors amongst which keywords have an important role. Keywords are necessary in order to index the websites at a higher position and to gain visibility in a country or worldwide. It is always important for owners of blogs and website to look upon the SEO of their sites and citing keywords is one of the finest techniques to optimize your site for search engines. Many tools are available in the present scenario to track down the various trending keywords which is helpful to develop contents and services based on the keywords. The keywords can be globally popular or can vary from a region to another. It is advisable to use keyword research tools in order to find out the trending keywords for blogs and websites.

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A blog post and content includes various operations in order to make it search engine friendly. Apart from good writing, it involves trending keywords and backlinks that will help the sites to reach a higher index. One must keep an eye on trending keywords in order to moderate the sites accordingly. Each content developer must use the keywords as per the need of their clients in order to get a high index.

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To enhance one’s SEO, one must also be quite selective about choosing a keyword. The keyword must be trending as well as it must fit its theme and domain. Using irrelevant keywords can cost you visitors from the site.

Let’s look at top 6 tools that are best for checking Google Keyword Rankings.

Top 6 Useful Google Position Checker Tools For Your webSites:

  1. SEMrush

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SEMrush is one of the most preferred tools because of its multifaceted utility and features. Apart from checking keywords, it zeroes its searches of the keyword to specific domains and regions and these results are also based on different search engines like Google, Bing etc. Using it is very simple; you can enter your site URL or the individual URL of a blog post. Its features also extend to searching for various keywords used by competitors in order to be more competitive and innovative to gain the edge.

2. Aherfs

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Ahrefs is also a wonderful tool that can provide country-based keyword rankings. This is useful for blogs and websites running over different countries to strike the right chord for SEO.

  1. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher Demo ImageSERP Watcher is a wonderful geographical based Keywords that has one of the best User Interface in its tool. SERP watcher has country based keyword ranking modules and the paid version is available with multiple hosts of features.

  1. Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker ImageGoogle Rank Checker is a brilliant online tool that can be used by websites to check ranks of keywords in Google Search Engine. Being a leader in search engine websites, Google keywords can definitely help bloggers to get the trends of keywords, all that for free.

  1. SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

SERP's Keyword Rank checker ImageSERP’s Keyword Rank Checker is a free tool that tracks down the keywords and their rankings of various search engines. This tool also has a cool feature of showing the number of searches, the volume of searches and the density of keywords in various domains.

  1. SEOCentro Rank Checker

SEOCentro Rank CheckerKeyword rank checker is a wonderful tool to check the ranking of keywords across various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.Apart from giving the present index, it also shows the trend of growth of keywords by showing the history of keyword rankings.

Keyword ranking tools are highly essential to match up your SEO skills in websites with the search engine trends. One must select the tool as per their convenience, ease of usage and ranking capabilities.

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