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WordPress SALT keys are encrypted code that enhances your WordPress security and secures your login information. To enhance your WordPress security, even more, you can opt to automatically change your SALT keys.

Let’s start to know what is SALT security keys 

WordPress SALT Keys ImageKnow about SALT security keys

First of all, we need to understand what SALT keys (or security keys) are. Basically, SALT keys are the variables that store the login details in the encrypted form. By default, WordPress saves the login details in cookies which are really unsafe while using public computers.
So, a smart action could be to avoid this risk by changing your security keys manually from the wp-config.php file available in the root folder of your WordPress site. The SALT keys look like:

How to Change Automatically WordPress SALT Keys - SALT Security

To improve the security of your website you should regularly change these codes. A time period of 3-6 months is recommended, and the codes should be changed thereafter. secret-key service can prove to be helpful in generating the SALT keys manually.
But if you can’t afford to spend a great deal of time in changing the keys manually or don’t have coding skills. Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

How to change WordPress SALT keys

Install Salt Shaker Plugin and activate it. Then set a schedule for changing the SALT keys by going to Tools -> Salt Shaker in your WordPress admin.

Salt Shaker Setting Image

Then check the change WP keys and salts on daily/weekly/monthly basis option to automatically change the SALT keys. Now the keys will be automatically changed every day or week or month depending on your selection.
Click on the change now the option if you wish to change the security and SALT keys manually.
Each time the SALT keys are change all of the users will be logged out from your WordPress site. But no need to worry. You can easily re-login.

We hope our article helped you.


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