What is .htaccess File » How To Rewrite WordPress .htaccess File

One of the most important files in the WordPress website is a .htaccess file. The .htaccess is the configuration file for the web server that runs the Apache server software. It is able to override multiple configuration settings of the server and It can be used for website optimization, cash control, authorization, and URL rewriting.

In WordPress or website, the .htaccess file is usually used to create and rewrite URLs, which can be easily read by users and search engines.

what is .htaccess File

How To Create A Custom URL in WordPress @Change Permalink Settings

By the way, in the settings of WordPress Settings » Permalink section, you have the option to select your URL structure. And when you do this, WordPress will automatically rewrite your .htaccess file to handle the URL structure you choose.

Permalink Settings Image

If WordPress is unable to rewrite automatically the .htaccess file, Then you have to do it manually but editing the .htaccess file manually is risky. If configured incorrectly, this can lead to major server errors, so before you do this in WordPress, you are advised to back up the content. There are very good plugins in WordPress for Backup, which we have written in our previous articles.

Edit .htaccess file with WP File Manager

You can easily edit the .htaccess file with the WP File Manager plugin. Also through this plugin, you can edit other WordPress files too. For example, Root Directory etc. The .htaccess file is usually found in the root directory of the WordPress website.

Edit .htaccess file with WP File Manager

If you want to find .htaccess file by Your FTP client, may not be able to show it. By default, all the files and directory names that begin with a period are considered hidden by the server. To view these hidden files you should be enabled to show hidden file options in your FTP client.P client.

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