How To Create WordPress Sitemap By Google XML Sitemaps Plugin


Sitemaps are an important component of Search Engine Optimization. Sitemaps are used to provide information and data regarding the website that helps search engine crawlers to rank the website. Moreover, sitemaps ease the browsing of contents for users. Let’s know about some popular Google Sitemap Generator Plugins for WordPress website owners.

Best Five WordPress Sitemap Plugins – Essential for All Websites

1.Google XML Sitemaps:

Google XML Sitemap Plugin is a WP plugin which is highly popular and can be used to create sitemaps for websites.XML Sitemap is a free plugin available for WordPress platform that can be used to generate sitemaps for your WP site for various search engines. Developed by Arne Brachhold, this sitemap generator is a lightweight, powerful generator where one can configure to decide to include or remove posts and other metadata. It also has options for deciding to include a particular page ID or not.These sitemaps and SEO plugins are powerful, easy to use and are effective for SEO and sitemap generation.

2. Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft

Google sitemap Plugin by BestSoftWeb is one of the popular sitemap generator plugins for WordPress for a long time. Developed by BestWebSoft, this gives a direct access to the generation of sitemap of a website and add it to the Google webmaster for indexing. It has over a million of downloads and is an easy way to index your WordPress site in Google, the leader in the search engine.Moreover, it has options to generate sitemaps for posts, authors, and images.

3. XML Sitemap and Google News Feed

XML Sitemap and Google News Feed is a free plugin available for WordPress platform that can be used to generate sitemaps for various search engines in your WordPress blogs or website. Developed by RavanH, to include or remove posts and other metadata. This is moreover supported for multi-lingual websites and generates sitemaps which are not visible.

4. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps (support Sitemap Index, Multi-site and Google News)

WordPress sitemap index plugin is used to generate sitemaps and sitemap index in an automatic way. Developed by Khang Minh, The basic feature of this plugin includes simple quick installation process, generation of posts and photos automatically. Moreover, it also has options like creating separate sitemaps for different parts of the website etc. This is one of the dependable plugins for wonderful search visibility.

5. Google XML Sitemap Generator  

Google XML Sitemap Developed by is a plugin that uses all its potential to realize the creation of XML sitemap of your website using an external application. This one of best plugin generators and has a wonderful interface with features like keeping an archive of all your content, link your website with RSS Feeds and prioritize your posts.

Sitemap generators plugins are a must for WordPress websites keeping an eye on the cutthroat competition and fight for a limited space to gain visibility. One must be very particular about creating sitemaps and indexing their contents in order to gain high positions in a search engine.


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