H-1B Visa Lottery Registration Process 2024 – Status, Fees, Results, Requirements

H-1B Visa Lottery Registration Process 2024: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers H1B visas, which are designed for specialized professionals, enabling them to work within the United States. This visa is allocated through the H1B visa lottery system, a process where a large number of applicants (often in the millions) apply online. Following the application process, USCIS reviews and verifies these submissions to select candidates. Those who have completed their H1B visa registration for 2024 can expect to receive updates in the coming days. The allotment of visas is based on the results of the H1B Visa Lottery 2024, which is expected to be published soon on the official USCIS website (uscis.gov).

For individuals planning to apply in the upcoming fiscal year, guidance for the H1B Visa Lottery 2024 online application process is available at www.ussis.gov. After the announcement of lottery results, applicants can check their H1B visa case status by logging into the online portal, where they will get updates on their lottery status. This post also includes details of the H1B visa selection process for the year 2023, which provides valuable information for potential applicants.

H1B Visa

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H-1B Visa Registration, Requirements & Application Process

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is famous for providing a variety of visa services, with the H1B visa being a major offering. This visa caters to skilled professionals including IT specialists, software engineers, and various freelance professionals. Many applicants from all over the world register for H1B visas through the USCIS website and eagerly wait for the announcement of the visa results. It is important to note that the visa is allocated through the H1B visa lottery 2024, where the selection rate is around 11%. This means that for every 100 applications received by USCIS, approximately 11 applicants are selected.

If you have registered for an H1B visa, then you must be ready to check H1B Visa Lottery Result 2024. It is important to understand that lottery results are declared in multiple phases, commonly called Round 1 and Round 2. In this post, you will get detailed information about H1B visa registration 2023 and the H1B visa selection process, which will be incredibly useful for your application.

H1B Visa Selection Process 2024

In the H1B visa selection process for 2024, potential petitioners, including those seeking an advanced degree waiver, must initially register electronically on the USCIS website and pay a registration fee of $10 for each potential beneficiary. This electronic registration process streamlines the process, significantly reducing paperwork and data exchange, and offering cost savings for employers filing H1B cap-subject petitions.

Under this system, potential petitioners and their authorized representatives who wish to hire H1B workers under this cap must provide basic information about themselves and each worker they wish to sponsor. The registration period generally lasts a minimum of 14 calendar days each fiscal year. The H1B selection process is processed on these properly submitted electronic registrations. Only those with selective registration are eligible to file an H1B cap-subject petition.

Selection is made after the initial registration period ends, eliminating the need to register immediately when the period opens. USCIS offers easy online account creation; Instructional videos are also available to assist.

For FY 2024, USCIS announced on March 27, 2023 that sufficient electronic registrations were received during the Initial Period to reach the FY 2024 H1B numerical allocation, including the master cap. USCIS later indicated the need for additional selections to meet these allocations. By July 31, 2023, USCIS randomly selected enough registrations from among those submitted for FY 2024 to meet the threshold, and notified all potential petitioners with the registrations selected from this round. Overall, 77,600 registrations were selected in this second round for the FY 2024 H1B cap.

During the FY 2024 H1B cap registration period, there was a significant increase in registration numbers compared to previous years, including the number of unique beneficiaries with only one registration, reflecting the growing interest in the program.

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Yearly Registration and Selection 

This chart shows registration and selection numbers for fiscal years 2021-2024 (as of July 31, 2023).

Cap Fiscal Year Total Registrations Eligible Registrations* Eligible Registrations for Beneficiaries with No Other Eligible Registrations Eligible Registrations for Beneficiaries with Multiple Eligible Registrations Selections**
2021 274,237 269,424 241,299 28,125 124,415
2022 308,613 301,447 211,304 90,143 131,924
2023 483,927 474,421 309,241 165,180 127,600
2024 780,884 758,994 350,103 408,891 188,400

Required Document for H1B Visa Registration 2024

For the H1B Visa Registration 2024, it’s essential to gather the necessary documents beforehand. Make sure you have both soft copies and hard copies of these documents ready for the verification process. This preparation is crucial for a smooth registration experience.

  • 3 Months Bank Statement.
  • Appointment Letter.
  • Appointment Schedule Letter.
  • Copy of Stamped Pages of your passport.
  • Copy of the Letter to the Consular general of your Region.
  • Copy of the Letter to the Department of Justice.
  • Current Visa Copy.
  • DS-160 Barcode Confirmation.
  • H1B Visa Approval Notice.
  • I-94 Form.
  • Passport.
  • Recent CV or Resume.

H1B Visa Application Fees 2024

Category H1B Visa Application Fees 2024
Anti Fraud Fee $500
H1B Premium Processing Fee $2500
H1B Visa Application Fees $555

How to Check H1B Visa Lottery Status 2024

To check your H1B Visa Lottery Status for 2024, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the USCIS Portal and click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Next, choose the ‘H1B Visa Case Status’ option to proceed.
  • Enter your Case ID in the provided field.
  • View your H1B Visa Lottery Results on the displayed page.
  • If your visa application is successful, submit your passport along with the Notice.

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FAQs on the H1B Visa Process

Q: What is the process for H1B lottery?
A: The process for the H1B lottery involves employers registering potential employees electronically with the USCIS during the specified registration period. If the number of registrations exceeds the visa cap, a random lottery is conducted. Selected applicants are then eligible to proceed with the H1B visa application.

Q: How do we know if H1B is selected in lottery?
A: Applicants will be notified by the USCIS through their online account if their H1B application is selected in the lottery. Employers can also check the status of the applications by logging into their USCIS account where the status of each registered beneficiary is updated.

Q: What is the process for H1B visa from India?
A: The process for obtaining an H1B visa from India involves the employer filing an H1B petition with USCIS on behalf of the applicant. Once the petition is approved, the applicant must complete a visa application, attend a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in India, and provide the necessary documentation.

Q: What are the requirements for H1B visa?
A: The requirements for an H1B visa include having a job offer from a U.S. employer in a specialty occupation, which typically requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in a specific field. The employer must file an H1B petition on behalf of the applicant with the USCIS. Additionally, applicants must meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

These FAQs provide a concise overview of the H1B visa process and requirements.

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