5 Best Chrome SEO Extensions For Bloggers & Website Specialists

Google Chrome is one of the most versatile and robust browsers which is available on the internet. It has multiple features and is a good competitor of developer-centric browsers like Mozilla Firefox. However, for SEO many people still rely upon Mozilla for using the tools in the browser. A Google Chrome extension refers to a special program that easily gets integrated with the browser and can be used for various functionalities.

These are similar to that of plugins in WordPress, but it increases the productivity of the browser. The SEO plugins shall help the experts and bloggers to track down various parameters related to SEO and this would also help in auditing your sites. The statistics are generated with every new page that is opened and the activity doesn’t go under surveillance so you can check the performance of your competitors and gain the edge.Chrome Extensions Cover Image

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Today we are going to see top 5 SEO Chome extensions that can be added to your Google Chrome browser to enhance your experience with search engine optimization.

Chrome Extensions For SEO Professionals and As well WP Beginner

1. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is a very powerful Chrome extension which keeps an eye on every minute details and is very well-maintained. It provides some great array of data that includes social media analysis of a website or blog, server details, and other in-depth SEO data which is highly useful.This can be used to access SEO data for various websites.

2. SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome is a wonderful plugin that helps in finding good details of SEO stats of a website. It displays the indexed pages, backlinks, details for a search engine, traffic and ranking reports which are useful for SEO experts to find a reference for optimizing a site. Download SEO for Chrome here.

3. SeoQuake

SEOQuake is a Chrome extension provided by SEMRUSH, the leaders in SEO industry. It is a must-have for all SEO professionals. It is a very well maintained add-on to cater all your needs and allows to access all important SEO-based information of a site. The features are further extended if you have a SEMRUSH account that can be created for free. Ranging from backlinks to social media visibility, this tool notifies you everything.

4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

Shareaholic is a Google Chrome extension used by bloggers to increase their visibility and get higher index in search engines. This plugin makes it easier to share articles on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and can create 100+ bookmarks for convenience. Moreover, there are drop boxes for each social media which is highly customizable.

5. Majestic Chrome extension 

Majestic is a popular Chrome Add-on for checking backlinks, pages, SEO and also to quickly audit your website. It is available on a paid basis. Moreover, it is the best backlink checker tool and is quite useful for SEO.

One must use these extensions to optimize their sites and also must choose the best extension according to their utility. Every extension has its own functionality, pricing, and features. So, one must be selective and clear about their intention to install the extension and then they can compare here and add their extension accordingly.

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