How to use Header Tags – Suggestions for H1 to H6 Uses

Ever wondered how search engine feature ‘selective’ results on their first page? Well, on-page SEO is the actual underlying concept. It deals with optimizing your web pages so as to be preferentially displayed in Google search results. One such fundamental aspect of on-page SEO is including the accurate ‘heading tags’ on your website. Though often … Read more

Check Your Blog Google Keyword Ranking – Top 6 Websites Link

Keywords Image

SEO of a website depends upon a variety of factors amongst which keywords have an important role. Keywords are necessary in order to index the websites at a higher position and to gain visibility in a country or worldwide. It is always important for owners of blogs and website to look upon the SEO of … Read more

Importance of SEO For Your Website – Five Factors for Expansion

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has now played a pivotal role in the promotion of brands and businesses these days. With increasing users of the internet, SEO has a wide potential of attracting consumers and to use Ranking on the search engine page is now of greater importance. SEO refers to the ranking of the website … Read more